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The SigmaCan team works for you

Members of leadership team have 20+ years of diverse experience in healthcare services, medical devices, program policy, regulation, licensing, ISO audits and service delivery. The team also has extensive experience in project appraisal, capital funding, insurance, partnerships, procurement, marketing, distribution, logistics, sales, and support.

SigmaCan specializes in regulatory affairs pertaining to medical devices and the team is experienced in working at various levels across Canada. To complement this, the Sigma team has developed elaborate business practices to facilitate pre-market regulation, on-market service delivery, and post-market maintenance. Further, SigmaCan team can leverage their consulting experience with healthcare regulators, providers, payors, distributors, vendors, hospitals, and healthcare professionals.

The Sigma team, also has solid ties in the Indian subcontinent and can open the doors by licensing your devices and enabling the right relationships. With feet on the ground and a committed team that will work directly with the service providers you can reach the booming Indian market with your medical devices.

The leadership team at SigmaCan:

Capt. Everard Braganza

A corporate executive, ISO 9001 certified Lead Auditor and QHSE advocate who has 25+ years of international experience providing leadership to global shipping and logistics companies, Capt. Braganza oversaw large scale business operations in Southeast Asia, Far East, Middle East, and North America.  Additionally, as a marine manager, Capt. Braganza has assisted Canadian shipping companies with the audit, compliance, and governance of medium to large vessels and their cargo. SigmaCan is enriched by his integrity and the breadth of experience that he employs specially to implement business processes and practices required to support manufacturers seeking to meet Health Canada regulation and licensing for their medical devices.

Wilbon Maxim

Wilbon is acknowledged for leadership in the field of Medical Devices and Diagnostics and specializes in setting up anatomic and clinical pathology laboratories for large medical centers and hospitals. Over the last 25 years, Wilbon has worked extensively in India and the Middle East with world class manufacturers overseeing the business of medical devices. Wilbon is also recognized for leading and training professionals in assessment and procurement, planning and safety, installation and commissioning, maintenance and operational management, and decommissioning and disposal of medical devices and diagnostic equipment. Wilbon brings depth and solid experience to the consulting services and project delivery at SigmaCan.

Advisor to SigmaCan

Dr. Suresh Sundar

Dr. Suresh Sundar, with M.D., D.P.H. (Mumbai) and Cert. in PHC & Rural Management (Thailand), is Director at Health Care Consultants & Associates. He is Advisor to several NGOs – CanKids, VCare Foundation, AccessLife Foundation, CPAA & ICS, as well as Trustee of NGOs GLRA and MLSM. He has over 40 years of experience and expertise in Public health, HR, Governance and Administration in public and private sectors.

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