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Medical Devices Park, Andhra Pradesh

Unprecedented growth in business, the size of the Indian middle class, increased affordability, corporate willingness to pay for healthcare, and the rising number of medical facilities, hospitals, and insurance providers are all expected to push the market for medical equipment in India, to $50 billion by 2025.  Further, the projections for 2021 were US$ 12 billion, with an import dependency of 75-80%.

In a bid to accelerate the domestic market for medical devices, the Govt. of India has allowed 100% foreign investment for this sector. Further the Govt. has also invested in setting up life sciences and medical technology parks with centralized testing and training facilities and production linked incentives for indigenous manufacturing. (Aug 2022, PIB, Govt. of India).  

With over 20+ years of experience in the diverse Indian business market, and our in-depth understanding of healthcare industry, SigmaCan can promote your company and products in the key Indian states and with regulating agencies (central and state), auditors, consultants, partners, distributors, clinics, facilities, and service providers.

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